Staffing and Training Needs for Managed Lanes Facilities

Ullman, B., and Jasek, D.
Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University System, College Station, TX
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Managed Lanes, Freeway, Operations, Training
Publication Abstract: 
A managed lane facility is one that increases freeway efficiency by packaging various operational and design actions. Operating agencies may adjust lane management operations at any time to better match regional goals. However, as a new concept in operating freeways, managed lanes has a limited experience base, creating a knowledge vacuum in emerging key areas that are critical for effective implementation. The potential complexities associated with user groups and operational options will require agencies to have an appropriate number of qualified staff to ensure adequate oversight of operations and to ensure satisfactory customer service to the users. Thus, the task documented in this report identifies those staffing needs related to operational options and training that might be required to ensure those staff are fully prepared to perform their duties to the satisfaction of both the agency and the customer. Other issues to be addressed will be the roles of job positions within the framework of managed lanes, the competencies required of those positions, and accessibility to appropriate training, education, and technical assistance to ensure these needs are met.

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