Managed Lanes Handbook Training: Year 2 Report of Activities

B.T. Kuhn, V.D. Goodin
College Station, TX: Texas Transportation Institute
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This report summarizes the Year 2 activities under Implementation Project 5-4160-01, Managed Lanes Handbook Training. The overall objective of the project is to develop a 12-hour workshop covering The Managed Lanes Handbook, and teach the materials at seven locations across the state, including two pilot workshops. The Managed Lanes Handbook was developed for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to help the staff make informed planning, design, and operational decisions when considering managed lanes facilities for its jurisdiction. The handbook presents the critical research results obtained over the five years of the related research project, presented in a usable format, providing a clear, concise, and step-wise approach to planning, designing, operating, and enforcing a managed lanes facility. It also refers the user to other pertinent documents that provide additional detailed information on various aspects of managed lanes. The workshop is designed to facilitate statewide use of the handbook with TxDOT and partnering agency staff involved in managed lanes project development and design. Year 2 activities included teaching the workshops, updating of workshop material as appropriate, and preparing the final deliverables for TxDOT.