Guidelines for Signs and Markings on Toll Roads

S.T. Chrysler, A.A. Nelson, K. Fitzpatrick
College Station, TX: Texas Transportation Institute
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As toll facilities become more prevalent in Texas, it becomes more important to standardize the signing and markings used specifically for toll roads. Traffic control device standards specific to toll facilities are virtually non-existent for either cash toll plazas or open-road electronic tolling facilities. Electronic toll collection systems pose unique traffic control device challenges. Information concerning acceptable forms of payment needs to be conveyed in advance of all access points to reduce violations and erratic maneuvers at entry. Information concerning limited use toll stickers, or other alternatives to account-linked transponders, may need to be conveyed as well. Facilities combining cash plazas, which require traffic to stop, with electronic collection lanes, where traffic can travel at highway speeds, pose safety concerns due to speed differentials, weaving and merging. The first part of this project would be to evaluate current toll road signing practices and identify deficiencies and inconsistencies. The second part of this project would conduct driver comprehension research of proposed sign designs and sign sequences. Pavement marking longitudinal striping patterns and horizontal signing; i.e., words and symbols on the pavement, would also be studied. Many toll facilities are experimenting with novel colors of signs and the use of toll authority logos on signs and pavement markings. The effect of these treatments on drivers has not been assessed. The project will produce a document containing guidelines for traffic control devices as a function of facility type. This document will serve roadway planners, designers, and operators in traffic control device selection and policy. The project will also produce a field-book intended for installation and maintenance personnel to assure consistency in design and placement of traffic control devices.