Guidance for Planning, Operating, and Designing Managed Lane Facilities in Texas

W.L. Eisele, A.H. Parham, A.S. Cothron
College Station, TX: Texas Transportation Institute
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This report provides the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with geometric guidance for the design of managed lane facilities. The report draws from the experiences of leading states in the development of managed lanes throughout the country. The report highlights the design and operation of managed lanes, and it includes additional information on planning, marketing, implementing, and enforcing managed lane facilities. It illustrates the critical design elements of managed lane facilities including geometric design criteria; the link between operations, design, and enforcement; and ingress/egress treatments. This report is intended to be used as both an introduction to the managed lane concept and to provide design guidance. Throughout the report, schematics and photographs are included to illustrate the elements discussed in the text. These photographs include experiences and examples from across the country as well as in Texas.