Traffic Control Devices for Managed Lanes

S.T. Chrysler, A.A. Nelson, S.D. Schrock, G.L. Ullman
College Station, TX: Texas Transportation Institute
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U.S. standards for traffic control devices for managed lanes, high occupancy vehicle lanes, preferential lanes, special use lanes, and toll facilities are reviewed. A summary of current practices in the United States and other countries is included. U.S. standards have improved, especially in the area of preferential lane signing and pavement markings, with the release of the 2003 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Differences between current practice and the new standards are highlighted. Standards for allowed vehicle symbols, access point terminology, and route labeling are still not in place. Planners of managed lanes facilities are encouraged to consider traveler information needs in the early stages of planning to allow sufficient distance for conveying complex operating rules. Careful sign placement and color coding are discussed as alternative ways to avoid driver information overload.